Leatherette Skai ® Esterel indoor / outdoor / marine

Indoor / outdoor / marine Skai ® leatherette Esterel.
Woven look.
Availlable in 10 colors.

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Data sheet

Country of originAllemagne
CollectionSkai® Neptun
Width140 cm
Weight812 gr/m²
Norme non feuBS5852 IS-0+1; DIN EN 1021-1+2
Compositions75% chlorofibre - 25% polyester
UsesTout usage
Unit salesYou order what you need
CleaningSavon doux
Epaisseur1.1 / 1.2 mm (millimètre)
Résistance à l'abrasion (Martindale)50.000 tours
Colour fastness to the sun and weather conditions7/8
Norme maritimeIMO FTPC Teil 8
FaçonPeut se coudre, se coller, s'agrafer ainsi que se poser au mur comme un papier peint
Fabric TypeTexture

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Leatherette Skai ® Esterel indoor / outdoor / marine

Non feu Intérieur / extérieur Coussins Siege Nautisme Utilisation rideau Utilisation automobile non cerifiée UTAC

Le Skai ® Esterel cn be used as a wallpaper

Tissens recommend the Ovalit F glue for your wall installation

Colle sur le mur : pose des supports non-tissés, la colle est directement déposée sur le mur et non plus sur le revêtement ; aucun temps de détrempes ni de découpe Lessivable à la brosse: il est possible de frotter, de brosser avec une poudre détergente, même abrasive sans risque de dégradation du revêtement. Raccord libre : la pose est laissée à l’appréciation du poseur (possibilité de poser avec ou sans raccord) Excellent résistance à la lumière Pelable : la couche supérieure du revêtement s’arrache facilement et laisse une pelure sur le mur qui est prêt à recevoir un nouveau papier peint

Esterel Skai ® perfectly mimics the weaving of a fabric

With reliefs, color shades and flexibility of a fabric.
A high quality leatherette that meets your requirements.

Esterel Skai ® can be used oudoor or indoor

This leatherette can be used for covering furniture, cushions, wall hangings, etc.
Perfectly fit for a nautical use for any type of boat.

Visuel SkaI Esterel

Skai ® leatherette Esterel can be easily used 

Glued, hand-sewed or using a simple sewing machine, cutted with cutter or scissors... Give free rein to your imagination!

Cool colors patented system that reduces the heat emitted by the textile, contributing to your comfort.

Système breveté cool colors
Système cool colors

The Nanoprofile technology are a high-tech process for external applications for marine environments and furniture exposed to the elements.

With new nanoprofile protection products in the Neptun collection may face extreme weather conditions and heavy use.

The advantages over conventional synthetic materials: an unlimited number of applications and increased durability.
In addition, thanks to the integrated property easy to clean, you can say goodbye to the toughest stains.

Visuel Skai Esterel

Tissens is official distributor of the brand Skai ®

Buy your Skai ® on Tissens.com is for you a guarantee of quality.

We NEVER use the brand Skai ® for a product that is not from the Skai manufacture, it would be a lie.

Choosing a Skai ® leatherette is a guarantee of a purchase of confidence, durable, designed and manufactured in Germany for 50 years under strict methods.
Hight-end quality, exclusive design, innovative properties for a faultless result.

Certificate of Authenticity available upon request

Find other Skai ® products on Tissens.com.
Tissens.com reference website chosen by the best brands.

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A fabric can not be ordered by square measure but by length (yards or metters).
The width of a fabric is fixed ( see fabric width in properties).
When you order you choose the length of you fabric, by step of 4 inches (from 1 yard).

Example : If you order 1 yard and 4 inches and the fabric's width is 1 yard and 16 inches, you will recieve a piece of fabric 1 yard 4 inches long and 1 yard 16 inches width.

We advise to order 10% more than the size you noticed.

Whether for gluing or sewing your fabrics we recommend using professional quality products and tools as discount and supermarkets products don't have sufficient quality to work with our products.
It would be a shame to have to redo your seams because the sewing thread you used was not suitable .
You can find all the sewing thread, adhesives and sewing accessories on Tissens.com

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