Skyline coated fabrics - Spradling

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Data sheet

Country of originEtats-Unis
PatternFaux unis
Width54 in
Weight685 g/m²
Norme non feuM2 - 1021 parts 1 et 2
UsesTout usage
PropertiesAntimicrobien, antibactérien, antimycosique
Unit salesAu mètre
Résistance à la ruptureCH 343 / TR 215 N / 5 cm
CleaningEau savonneuse douce grâce traitement SILVERGUARD
SupportPolyester Hi-Loft
Enduction100% PVC
Epaisseur1,15 mm (millimètre)
Résistance à l'abrasion (Martindale)100.000 tours
Colour fastness to the sun and weather conditions7/8
Norme aéronautiqueFAR 25.853
Norme maritimeIMO A652
Température extrême- 23 °C / - 9,4°F
FaçonPeut se coudre, se coller ou bien s'agrafer.
Fabric TypeSimili cuir
Lieux publicsCe produit respecte la réglementation en vigueur pour un usage en lieux publics. Certificats disponibles.

Order assistance

A fabric can not be ordered by square measure but by length (yards or metters).
The width of a fabric is fixed ( see fabric width in properties).
When you order you choose the length of you fabric, by step of 4 inches (from 1 yard).

Example : If you order 1 yard and 4 inches and the fabric's width is 1 yard and 16 inches, you will recieve a piece of fabric 1 yard 4 inches long and 1 yard 16 inches width.

We advise to order 10% more than the size you noticed.

Whether for gluing or sewing your fabrics we recommend using professional quality products and tools as discount and supermarkets products don't have sufficient quality to work with our products.
It would be a shame to have to redo your seams because the sewing thread you used was not suitable .
You can find all the sewing thread, adhesives and sewing accessories on

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