Flame retardant fabrics, leatherette, Skai and fire-resistant foams

All flame retardant products, fabrics, leatherette, skai and foams

Flame retardant products, fabrics, leatherette or foams, are resistant to combustion according to a classification established to define their reaction to fire.

This fire classification is segmented into 5 categories M0, M1, M2, M3 and M4 ranging from the most flammable, M0, to the most easily flammable, M4.

This classification is established by laboratories approved by the Ministry of the Interior, including CSTB.

Combustibility is the amount of heat emitted by complete combustion of the material while flammability is the amount of flammable gas emitted by the material.

Combustibilité Inflammabilité
M0 Incombustible Flame-proof
M1 Propellant Non-flammable
M2 Propellant Hardly flammable
M3 Propellant Moderately flammable
M4 Propellant Easilli flammable
NC Unclassified Unclassified

Flame retardant fabrics, leatherette, Skai and fire-resistant foams

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  • Uses: Acoustic and thermal insulation
Plaque de mousse haute résilience 30kg/m3 160x200 cm

 Batyline ® AW - Serge Ferrari

Batyline ® AW - Serge Ferrari


Foam plate flexible high resilience convoluted foam plate soundproofing 150x200 cm

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