Papiers peints panoramiques

Papiers peints panoramiques

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Festival panel wallpaper -  Jean Paul Gaultier

Bahia Decorative panel wallpaper -  Cole and Son

BRIO Air panel wallpaper - Boråstapeter

Elsa Beskows Sagostund panel wallpaper - Boråstapeter

Bä bä vita lamm panel wallpaper - Boråstapeter

BRIO Hills panel wallpaper - Boråstapeter

Ingalunda  panel wallpaper - Boråstapeter

Koralläng Grande wallpaper - Boråstapeter

Flyttfrö wallpaper - Boråstapeter

Miami wallpaper -  Cole and Son

Lilac Syringa Vulgaris wallpaper -  Cole and Son

Mediterranea wallpaper -  Cole and Son

Topiary Topiarius wallpaper -  Cole and Son

Bahamas wallpaper - Thibaut

Curtis Damask wallpaper - Thibaut

Papier peint Colline - Lelièvre color natural 6443-01

Colline wallpaper - Lelièvre


Skog wallpaper - Sandberg color mist 622-08

World Map wallpaper - Sandberg reference grey, black 630-09

Julie wallpaper - Sandberg reference rose 641-07

Lene wallpaper - Sandberg color pastel 639-04

Fjordbyen panoramic wallpaper - Sandberg reference blue and white 632-04

Djurgården panoramic wallpaper - Sandberg reference green and white 636-04

Østerbro wallpaper panel - Sandberg reference black and white 633-08

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