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Story-teller furnitures !

Felix Monge's furnitures collections carry a story and treasures of inspiration that are recognized worlwide in the world of luxury furniture. For nearly 40 years, Felix Monge creations play with the time and trends to impose a style that has become a signature, such as a high fashion brand.

Practical and full of mischief furnitures.
Furniture that take you to other lands as in the days of the great transatlantic crossings boats.
Family furniture we liked passing from generations to generations. Vintage color furnitures of the great creative period of the fifties.
Furniture that remember major Parisian cafes and forgotten crafts ...

All these furnitures are a reflection of a transmission, of a pure and authentic design that blends with harmony, even in the most contemporary settings.
Whatever your interior is, the furniture Felix Monge find their place and are timeless, that's their greatest strength.
Felix Monge is not a brand, it is above all a visionary, a true designer.

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