Handcrafted taylored calfskin smooth leather for writing desk Galaxi

Taylored smooth leather for writing desks handcrafted to your dimensions.
Genuine leather can be decorated with gilding of your choice.
Leather availlable in 9 colors, 8 silver or gold patterns.

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40,00 €

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340$ from DOM TOM, 800$ worldwide.

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Tailored calfskin smooth leather for writing desk Galaxi

Genuine leather for writing desks built for you when you order it, handcrafted entirely in France by professionals leather manufacturers, the best quality.

Ideal to replace an old or damaged wrinting desk leather, can also be used covertly.

The handcrafted wrinting desk leather Kenya is available in a range of 9 colors

You can choose to apply on you leather one of our 8 patterns.
You can also choose the color of your patterns Gold or Silver.

Cuir de bureau motif ACuir de bureau motif B
Cuir de bureau motif CCuir de bureau motif D
Cuir de bureau motif ECuir de bureau motif F
Cuir de bureau motif GCuir de bureau motif H

Some examples of handcrafed taylored writing desk leathers 

Cuir de bureau sur mesure rouge, détails de la dorureCuir sur mesure rose pâle pour secrétaire
Détails de la dorure avec fleuron d'angle sur cuir rose pâleDétail de la dorure cuir de bureau sur mesure rouge

How to order your writing desk leather ?

Measure out the dimensions

In order not to make mistakes into taking the size of you leather, we recommend measuring properly the dimension of the space your leather will fit into, indicate the exact measurement you have: don't add or bubstract minimeters.

Use our leather configurator

Choose the color of your leather.

Choose the patter you want or just let this option empty if you want a raw leather without pattern.

Choose the color of the patter gold or silver, or just let this option empty if you want a raw leather without pattern.

Type the height and width of yor leather in the two fields in centimeters you can use comma (be carefull, nim size is 10cm max size is 200cm)

The price of you leather is automaticaly calculated according to the size, you just have to click on the "Add to Cart" button, you can click multiple times if you want to add multiple pieces of leather to your cart.

How to lay your writing desk leather ?

Our leather is slightly stretchy so the installation is easy and successful.

Remove the existing leather, help you with a knife or a spatula if necessary.

Then clean the surface of the desk to receive the leather as needed using fine sandpaper.

Put some glue on the desk, always use Professional glue for leather that don't make any stain even after drying.

Do the same with your desk leather that you have previously placed on a flat surface.e. 

Then lay the desk leather to its location, stretch it well at the four corners. If necessary clean the glue smudges using a damp cloth.

Let dry, it's done !

Doubt or question ? Contact us !


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